What is The Weinerworks?

The Weinerworks used to be a blog where Zach posted occasionally thoughts and essays. Now that he has two children, he no longer thinks, and the blog had fallen into dereliction.

Zach realized that having no thoughts made him an ideal critic, so he began writing book reviews of the various things he was reading. These were posted on his patreon and on his comic page, SMBC, and were more popular than he would have guessed. So, he decided they should have their own site.

Who Writes All This?

Zach writes the reviews, but the site was designed and is maintained by Michael Johnson.

How Do You Read So Many Books?

I (Zach) consider my main job in the universe to read lots of books and then write. As such, I always have a book (either physical or in audio format) on me.

Wait, Are You Making Money Off This Site?

Yes! But, it’s in the least annoying way possible for online ads. In short, whenever you click a link to a book, then buy something on amazon, we get a small amount of money. We’re essentially advertising and getting paid on a per-purchase basis.

Can I Suggest Books?

Yes please! I can’t promise I’ll read them soon, or ever, but I’ll try!